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As ERA GELDES rocking her very own version of dada postindustrial pop :: building instruments and hacking :: producing immersive concerts :: music for theatre :: directing scenic concerts for contemporary classical music :: NEWS: Special mention by WISWOS woman in sound :: ERA GELDES is on BBC introducing and Late Night Junction!

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Union Chapel concert

In concert as the vocalist of the Hackoustic Orchestra for Daylight Music @Union Chapel, London


Performative and audiotive investigation of living room plants. What can the plants tell us? And how do we affect each other?

Era Geldes & The Party: Federal Fluxus

A solo concert performance with audience participation. Frankfurt LAB. ERA GELDES begibt sich in ihrem neuen musikalischen Projekt auf die Suche nach dem ideale

North, South, East, West

Szenische Konzerte mit der musikfabrik, Köln. Concerts in collaboration with musikfabrik ensemble.


Ana Berkenhoff studierte angewandte Theaterwissenschaften in Gießen und als Gast am CNSMD Lyon zeitg. Tanz.
Ihre künstlerische Arbeit oszilliert zwischen den Genres und nutzt Körper, Sprache und Musik auf eigene Weise,
um Bühnen, Tonträger, Zelluloid und Galerien zu bespielen.

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15.& 16.05.21 | Maker Music Festival, online
7.10.20 | 21h Konzert ERA GELDES, Anachronism. Schwankhalle, Bremen
6.10.20 | 21h Konzert ERA GELDES, Anachronism. MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
5.9.20 | 21h Konzert ERA GELDES, Implantieren Festival, Seilerbahn Frankfurt
20.8.-6.9.20 | Sound Installation at Implantieren Festival, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Offenbach
9.5.20 | In concert with EEEK, John Lyons Theatre London
Ongoing | Silent Moves Audiowalk Berlin
14.3.20 | In concert with The Hackoustics Orchestra, Stubbleman, Henrik Lindstrand, Union Chapel, London
7.3.20 | ERA GELDES unplugged at Five Years Gallery, London, Storytelling Festival
30.1.20 | Feature! ERA GELDES Solo Concert at It´s her factory, London



“ Ana used her vocal abilities to create a bassy noise voice, one that went down the road to meet up in the middle to give the voluminous sound of a steamboat that would intertwine with the elegance of a mermaid. ”

- Toxic chicken Skronkfest

“ ...sounding a little like an Eccentronic Research Council meets Raymond Scott’s Mahattan Research Inc meets Cluster, this is a collection of poetry, electronics and improvisation woven together like a tapestry and drawing you in like a tense but beautifully shot thriller – a plethora of idents from an all manner of subversive stylings. This is brilliant! ”

- Piccadilly Records Manchester

“ Technologically ethereal, a totally unique performance. Leaves the logical mind floundering – creates an opening, a portal, to the inexplicable. ”

- Dada Festival London

“ Insubordinately Sublime ”

- Inigo Wilkins

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