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Oriel-Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham, Wales 2016
Sound Visionaries, 16 December 2015
Digital Performance Lab, University of Salford, MediaCityUK

Symbiosis is a series of live performance works realised through the interaction and collaboration between the expressive mediums of sound and physical movement, not as distinct artistic expressions complementing each other, but as an amalgamation of disciplines within an obligate interdependent system. Using gaming controllers with motion sensors, sonic and physical performers improvise within a feedback loop where sound and movement are continuously influencing one another. The performance aims to highlight the emergent properties of interdisciplinary interaction in reference to the biological phenomenon of symbiosis. The modes of interactivity mutate between mutualistic and parasitic relationships, which relate to the balance of expressive range between sound and movement and their respective practitioners, and the level of determinacy from the resulting audio-visual material.

With the electronic musician Manoli Moriaty on Ableton live and me on sensors, voice and rubble bottle.

Featured on Andrew Boltens Science café broadcast, Radio BBC.