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The Hackompilation

The Hackompilation (an album for Iklectik)
Hackoustic, London

Released March 20, 2020

Hackoustic is a hacking group dedicated to exploring acoustics and instrument building. Formed in 2014 at the London Hackspace as a place to experiment with acoustic sound, physical interfaces and instrument building; anything involving more than a laptop/modular synth and speakers.

Club Iklectik has been our spiritual home and where we have hosted every one of our Presents night. It’s a special place and unique in London for its warm inviting atmosphere and an instant feeling of community.

With the current pandemic putting a halt to events, Iklectik will have zero funds coming in. They are a self-funded non-profit art organisation, which relies only on audiences and private bookings.

We have compiled an album full of artists we have showcased at our Presents nights at Iklectik, with all funds going directly to this wonderful venue and their amazing staff.

Artwork by Stephanie Fox.

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