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7.10.20 | 21h Konzert ERA GELDES, Anachronism. Schwankhalle, Bremen

It’s happening again. Back with some anachronistic adventures for the fall season of 2020. We are relieved that all of our spring lineup is available for this season premiere and to make up for cancelled events we will keep it coming through November and December, so tell your crew and come have a listen.Because of the current restrictions, things are a bit different in Schwankhalle. The capacity of the venue depends on the amount of units present, meaning; please come together as groups to get the ticket and fill out the contact form at the bar, wait for your friends so that we can fit more people in the seated area.doors 8 sound 9!¬ ERA GELDES
.. situated between postindustrial and experimental post-punk ERA GELDES is working with electronic and acoustic sounds alongside selfmade instruments. Her song-soundscapes leap in and out from storytelling to drone music with humour and noise. Through textured layering of fractured voice and sound, ERA GELDES creates a complex narrative, but one that always seeks to keep the listener in sight.

ERA GELDES made recent appearances on Radio 3’s Late Junction, Radiophrenia Glasgow, WaveFarm NY and received a special mention from WISWOS woman in sound.

¬ Sonic Glitch
.. nutzt live sounds und found footage, loopstation, Synthesizer, (Küchen)Maschinen und Toys. Stimme kommt auch vor.¬ KvT
.. are a duo that shape ephemeral soundscapes from the overlapping churn of single simple elements — voice, resonance, repetition, movement, memory. Having recently completed a tour in central Europe together with Agente Costura and Otolitos, they have become renowned for their ‘play anywhere’ approach, using battery-powered equipment to present work in any and all locations. This stripped-down palette has led to a singular focus on the worlds of sound that can be layered and stitched together from voices, loop pedals, layered resonance, and emergent drone — all undertaken with hand-carried amplifiers, that allow a spatialised, context-aware live presentation that never repeats the same way.

¬ David Wallraf
⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼ⡸⡋﴾ۜ‗⡋ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ࣶᾮ࣬⃝ & Cologne, played in various punk & noise bands & organized events in even more various off-spaces.﴾ۜ‗۝ۭ۫ۘۛ⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼ⡸⡋ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ࣶᾮ࣬⃝⡱⢞˯˺͍̿̿͘͜͟͟͟͟͟˯˺͍̿̿̿̿̿̿̿͘͜͟͟͟͟͟░░░░░░░░░▓▓░░░░░₩チ﹆艹Ш☀░░░░░▓▓▒▒░░░░░▓▓▒▒░░░▓Reclocated to Hamburg in 2008. BA in musical sciences at University of Hamburg, MA in time-based media at HFBK. ⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼCurrently working ۝ۭ۫ۘۛᴓۖ⚡on the PhD thesis Noise and the Limits of Hearing, the radio program agoRadio and ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ࣶᾮ࣬⃝⡱⢞‡⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱ꙱ࣶ࣯ࣵcurating the Noisexistance Festival. Lecturing on Noise, the history of ᾮ࣬⃝⡱electronic music & ’sound art‘ and the relations of sound and power.