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It's happening again. Back with some anachronistic adventures for the fall season of 2020. We are relieved that all of our spring lineup is available for this season premiere and to make up for cancelled events we will keep it coming through November and December, so tell your crew and come have a listen.Because of the current restrictions, things are a bit different in Schwankhalle. The capacity of the venue depends on the amount of

Facebook event Wir sind mega froh unsere Gangway endlich wieder für euch öffnen zu können! Allerdings müssen natürlich auch wir ein Hygienekonzept bereithalten. Tickets gibt es daher ausschließlich limitiert, personalisiert und nur im Vorverkauf, damit der gebotene Abstand und die Nachverfolgbarkeit gewährleistet werden kann. Die angebotenen Sitzplätze (Einzelsitze und Doppelsitze) werden vor Ort nach dem Prinzip „first-come, first choice“ aka „der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm“ vergeben. Unser Hygiene Konzept wird zweisprachig deutsch/englisch zur Verfügung gestellt.

Celebrating the EU artists who make London buzz - a day of music, visuals, collaboration and information. This is an electronic/experimental music event consisting of performances by EU artists who live in London and have made a contribution to the musical landscape. The aim is to give the artists some love and moral support, and create wider awareness about the cultural value of their contributions. ADMISSION FREE but we will be taking donations for the3million, a

Der Audio-Spaziergang "Silent Moves" verbindet vietnamesische Migrationsgeschichten mit konkreten Orten im Berliner Bezirk Lichtenberg Nirgendwo sonst in Deutschland sind so viele Geschichten und Gegenwarten vietnamesischer Migration mit konkreten Orten verbunden wie in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Silent Moves setzt O-Töne, Interviews, Akten des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit und Musik zu einem akustischen Archipel zusammen und führt zu Orten vietnamesischen Lebens von der DDR bis zur Gegenwart. So wird das Bezirksgebiet zu einem begehbaren Audioarchiv aus Stimmen von Zeitzeug*innen der „ersten“

Fb event More about this project Stubbleman is the alter-ego of maverick composer and producer Pascal Gabriel. From his beginnings in a Belgian punk band to helping spearheaded the ascent of a new wave of electronic music in the UK. Pascal's music embraces his electronic ambient past combining a cinematic mixture of found sounds, field recordings, and modular synthesisers, often accompanied by live piano. Stubbleman’s panoramic debut album. Stubbleman with be debuting a new work showcasing the

Fb event: It's Her Factory at Five Years Gallery ITS HER FACTORY are teaming up with FIVE YEARS GALLERY in Archway as part of DYSPHORIAS: TALES FROM THE AGE OF ANXIETY A SERIES OF EVENTS, EXHIBITIONS & WORKSHOPS IN ASSOCIATION WITH ARCHWAY LIBRARY AND ISLINGTON STORYTELLING FESTIVAL. 4-28 MARCH 2020 On international woman's day IHF Presents: NNJA RIOT sat 7th 6:30pm music as an exploration into the possibilities of instrumental, electronics, collected sounds and the human voice ANA BERKENHOFF presenting her work ‘Pinna Nobilis’ "for

Fb event It's Her Factory returns to The Victoria on the eve of the UK cutting its head off to spite its body! To celebrate this momentous act of self harm we have the amazing Era Geldes performing live plus Dj's Concrete Island Discs & Centre Parcs Funtime Gang playing all things weird and wonderful! Rocking her very own version of Dada-Postindustrial-Pop: “Insubordinately Sublime”. ERA GELDES aka Ana Berkenhoff is a versatile artist working in music and theatre.