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10.8.19 | Opening Concert at Skronk Festival, New River Studios, London

On the 17th of this month it’s time for Skronkfest 2019, a festival in which a whole variety of artists, bands, music and sound makers come together for a eclectic day of good fun. With a super pact program planned it’s nuts to check out all the artists that will appear, still to gain a little insight and just get that little edge of excitement going to get us all in the mood, we here at YIKIS will take a little peek into some acts that flourish on the lineup.

In the main Live Room there will be open mic sessions starting from 4 o clock in the afternoon, making space and time for anyone who has something to say, some poetry to read or some spontanious actions to be held.. So you might as well want to come early to Skronkfest‘s venue which is The New River Studios in London. (very vital and important information right here!)

Inside in the cafe/bar there will be Ana Berkenhof playing at 5:10, an spectacular sound artist who will deliver a strong opening of the festival by probably delivering a very interesting artistic audio-scape with sounds that you have not yet explored before. A great example of her audio magic can be heard over here, where she uses sounds, stereo effects and her voice to drown us into a intimate world of stories and fantasy.