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1.5.19 | Concert at Sonic Electronics, The Others, London

Sonic Electronics is an experimental event which happens 1st Wednesday monthly The Others – Stoke Newington.
We propose an anti-techno- hetero-capitalist approach to music genres like ambient, drone, techno, experimental, electronics, acousmatic, live coding, noise, vaporwave, glitch, dark, new wave, postpunk,…..

Artists: Dubious Occupants / nagasaki45 / Era Geldes / Metalogue / Trojanovskx

Dubious Occupants Spoken Words DIY Electronics
Dubious Occupants evoke bleak dystopian visions of socio-politico meltdown and approaching apocolypse. Whilst evoking such visions they hang some bright little plastic floral baskets and bunting, just to cheer things up a bit.
Improvised Polymetric Avant-pop Modular
After playing bass guitar in rock bands for years, Tom Gurion recently started developing an improvised live electronic set under his nagasaki45 alias. He focuses on percussive, up-beat, and polymetric structures using modular synths, drums machines, and DJ gear.

Era Geldes
Experimental Musique Concrete
Era Geldes is a sonic solo-project by Ana Berkenhoff – musician, performer, theatre director, author+ radio activist. Situated between postindustrial, sonic jokes and experimental pop-punk she is working with electronic and analog sounds alongside homemade instruments, voice(s) and field recording. Era Geldes made recent appearances on Radio 3’s Late Junction, BBC Introducing, Radiophrenia Glasgow, WaveFarm NY, received the Francis Chagrin Award and a special mention from WISWOS woman in sound.

Although usually working within the parameters of industrial, IDM and breakcore, for this appearance at Sonic Electronics Metalogue will be performing a semi-improvised ambient set based around found sounds/objects, analog distortion and home-made instruments.

Trojanovskx is techno/drone/ambient/IDM live project. They have started their music journey under the name Aurelia as a regular contributor to performance art event known as The Chronic Illness of Mysterious Origin, situated at Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan, deep dark moody basement of district Holloway in London, UK.
Since unspecified times, better located in terrestrial timeline as 2016, they have been creating sounds and now they are ready spread them through the aeons.