In december 2013 was the first showing of the draft for “Songhybrid” a new sound-sample-song performance by Katharina Kellermann and Ana Berkenhoff.
Katharina Kellermann is a musician for theater working mostly on electronics. both studied applied theater science and performance making together in Gießen and have been working together several times already:

in “Wartopia” a performance theater by Ana Berkenhoff, Katharina Kellermann, Pedro Martins-Beja and  performed at Spieltriebe Festival Osnabrück in 2011

and in “Michael Kohlhaas frei nach Kleist” a show by Felix Meier-Christian at Kampnagel Hamburg which was honoured with the appearance at the Joung directors Körber studio at Thalia Theater Hamburg. In both shows K.K. was the musician and A.A. as a performer/actress-  while still the figures of the male directors stood in front – what did lead to the decision to start sth. themself, only woman and on the same level doing musical performances together that crash on the use of song and movement and get more radical than what was aloud in their theaterengagements-

The final decision came during the creation of a simple theatre scene for “Kohlhaas” to express the character of the Emperor Friedrich of Sax- a duo between musician and performer- shifting the responsibilities and the usage of sound:

“Songhybrid” got it´s start with a residency in Berlin at One-Shot-Gallery



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