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During my artistic career I occupy a growing heap of professions. Starting as an actress in classical theater in 2000, I shifted to be a contemporary dancer beginning 2004, than went to study in Gießen end of 2004: an exploding contemporary theater department, worked as a director and writer in a collective, studied dance again in 2007, than became a performer/actress due to some circumstances and a specific work in 2009, this proved handy in being a speaker of radio drama. Now these experiences lead to much interference and inspiration! Now there are collaborations with directors I play and write for, singing for radio drama, directing scenic concerts for contemporary music ensembles, writing&performing immersive theatre, creating exhibitions and all kinds of colorful collaborations with artists and ensembles. Accelerating mainly music in the UK now is very inspiring and did lead to some solo-sets and cooperations already. Turn the radio on!

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